Manual therapy, fitness and Pilates complement each other perfectly. Your treatment with a manual practitioner often looks to treat the root cause of your pain to give relief. But day to day activities mean problems can often reoccur. Practitioners are therefore keen for clients to follow a restorative exercise program.

Pilates meets this requirement by re-balancing your muscles and strengthening your core. Pilates also encourages good postural habits as well as deep breathing to help the body and mind relax. It is a gentle form of exercise, done with such precision that even the simplest of exercises can feel challenging. FitFig Pilates is proud to work closely with some of Chichester’s best practitioners to ensure you are getting the right care.

We offer gentle and effective Chiropractic care for many different conditions. Our techniques used are cutting edge and offer you a unique and expert service. We look to address the underlying cause of your symptoms and help to prevent them returning. Chiropractic treatment can involve many different forms of care. For most patients adjustments are just one part of the care plan, we also provide education, exercises and stretches to empower you to help yourself!

Fitjoy offers some of the best adult fitness classes in Chichester. Classes are sociable, fun and range from gentle to high intensity. Try anything from Zumba, Aerobics, Total Body Conditioning, HITT, Kettlebells and Boxfitness.

They also run childrens dance and fitness classes after school and during the summer holidays.


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It is our clinic philosophy that whatever your complaint, we will guide you onto the path of recovery. At Chichester Osteopaths we use classical, structural, cranial, visceral and paediatric techniques to treat people of all ages. From newborns to the elderly. We will do our utmost to help improve your general health. To help you stay in great shape for many years to come!

Chichester Clinical Massage offers specialist treatment of soft tissue manipulation for people suffering with chronic pain or sports injuries. Using a range of advanced bodywork techniques. Such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Clinical Hot stone Massage, Deep Forearm Massage and Sports Stretching.

The Hamblin Centre is an educational and therapeutic centre, spiritual sanctuary and gathering place in Bosham, West Sussex, nestled between Chichester and Portsmouth.